It started with a Nin

This is serious!

I though I’d share my journey about how I became addicted to wooden toys….

It began with the Myraid magazine….I can’t even remember the how, why, or when….I think it was something to do with a Steiner School open day.

The book came home with me that day and I sat and looked I awe….

My son was 6 at the time and an only child and we had no plans for anymore (another blog post on that!)

I grieved, I grieved for all the wooden things I would never own….I mean we’ve had lots of wooden toys before, In fact that’s all we really bought for Ollie, lots of great finds in charity shops and eBay cheapies….. but I’d never saw anything like this before.

Giant tree houses and huge silky play silks, wooden rainbows galore!!

But holy crap, how much?!

Ollie was well into minecraft by then, if I’d have gave him actual real blocks to build with he wouldn’t have appreciated it.

I tucked the book away and that was that….

Until I was pregnant with Arthur a year and a half later….it was all very innocent to begin with….

I stumbled upon an online shop, Babipur.

Babipur Wonderland

I was looking for baby carriers, and saw they stocked lovely organic clothing.

In rainbow prints!

See below…Image from Babipur.

I’d previously been looking for clothes for Arthur and was so disappointed with everything available on the high street, so to find this online Aladdin’s cave of wonderful prints was amazing….

I ordered a few bits and eagerly awaited my order.

It just so happened that free gifts were given with orders that week.

The free gift was the gateway drug into wooden toy wonderland!

A Nin!! What is a Nin? You may ask!

Here is Nins on a log….


A Nin is a beautiful little wooden person, beautifully carved and painted, imaginative play perfection!

I had to have more of these bad boys!

I went on to Babipur and there was so much choice! So many Nins!

I ordered a little set, it came in a lovely little box tied with string.

It smelt delicious….if anyone has ever stuck their nose in a box of grapat Nins you know what I’m talking about!

That was all well and good but I certainly wasn’t going to be one of those people waiting so desperately for a 12 piece rainbow….

I ordered the mini rainbow for Arthur (me!) and the small Grimms elements, and well, they are beautiful!

When did babipur say that rainbow was going on sale?! LET ME AT IT!!

Yes I was there waiting and I got one delivered just before Christmas and everyone loved it!

So many possibilities for play….

If I’m honest I think I have the most fun with it, it wasn’t long before I was taking it outside..

There was no going back now…..

I decided to make a story sack for Arthur, a squash and a squeeze….so I needed some lovely wooden animals, a cow, a pig, a hen and a goat….there done!

But he does like dogs…adds ostheimer dog to basket (it’s only £13! Help!)

And donkeys are his favourite, just another one!

So here I am, I now have my own toy shelf, it currently holds a wooden witch….which I obviously need for fairy tales….and she definitely needs some pets…a frog, a wolf and a raven!

So yes, I am an addict….I’m knitting to fund my addiction…this is life now!

When I joined Instagram I discovered I was in good company, everyone shares such beautiful pictures of their toys….new ideas every day (and new wants and needs, help!)

Ah well, they are ethical, eco friendly and so nurturing for the imagination ….

I’m currently waiting for some new Nins!!!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. teamworrall says:

    Babipur has a lot to answer for! 😉 lovely post, you can never have too many Nins! #buyALLtheNins

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Green Mam says:

      Thank you! Yes they certainly do! 😂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Bluidblond says:

    Haha…I have developed a similar addiction, but mine started with some beautiful Holztiger farm animals I found second hand. Now about six months later, we (I) have a farm, a forest, mythical creatures, rainbows, and working towards a zoo.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha yes that’s sounds so familiar 🙈😂


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