5 simple changes for a greener life.

I am always looking to make changes in our home and lifestyle that lessen our impact on the earth.

If you are looking to make your life greener these steps would be a great place to begin!

Here are some changes we have made slowly over the last few years.

I have found these changes fairly easy and low cost to do, and they are still an ongoing process!

1. Eat less meat

They has been a huge growth in the vegan movement over the last few years and there is now so much more choice now, food wise.

It takes less energy to grow vegetables than to raise animals for food!

We have slowly been making changes within our family, for example where we would have made a chicken curry, a very simple change is to replace this with lentils/veg/beans.

We have transitioned to nearly 100% veggie at home and in turn we are eating lots more vegetables!

While this may not seem much replacing a couple of meals a week will make a huge difference in the long run and will save you some money on your food shopping.

2. Make your own household cleaners.

I actually really enjoy making these and it feels really good to know that if my toddler was to get hold of one, while it wouldn’t taste very nice it wouldn’t harm him!

You can use your old plastic spray bottles or purchase a glass/stainless steel bottle that you can use forever!

No chemicals and no plastic waste!

A very simple recipie is 4 table spoons of baking powder, 6-10 drops of an essential oil, tee tree, lemon, pine…..pick your favourite…and fill up with water!

There is so many recipes out there to try!

3. Buy reusable bottles/cups.

If you purchase bottled water/ takeout coffee then replacing these and using reusables is an absolute necessity in my opinion.

Whilst they may be an initial outlay to purchase these, you will save a fortune in the long run and you will be preventing so much excessive waste/energy.

We have slowly gathered a collection, so we each have a water bottle, a cup for takeout coffee and babychinos for the kids!

We also have a large flask and some stainless steel cups and straws for family days out/walks.

It feels so good knowing that we’re not creating waste!

It can be expensive to start depending what brand you use….but they will last a lifetime!

I must say at first we did try some cheaper brands, but found within the year we were having to replace them, which kind of defeated the object.

We are now using Klean Kanteen and have found these to brilliant, you can also buy replacement parts if you need to, rather than a whole cup going to waste.

4. Replace disposable items in your home.

I have slowly been replacing anything that is disposable with items that are much more eco friendly….

We no longer buy cling film and tin foil, instead I use beeswax wraps to cover food, or simply a plate if I can.

All our straws have been replaced with metal straws.

We stopped using kitchen roll a long time ago and just use cloths/ napkins.

This is an area we are still working on…..

I am trying my best to move away from all plastic bottles, making my own washing up liquid, toothpastes and using shampoo bars.

All this can be done at low cost, and while there is so many beautiful things you can buy to replace these items it isn’t a necessity.

5. Shop second hand!

This is one I really love to do! It is just a bonus that it happens to be eco friendly too!

My home is full of charity shop bargains, no matching crockery though!!

It is so much more earth friendly to give something a home that would otherwise be thrown away, than to buy new.

This probably seems like a no brainier to some, but I think it’s easy to get stuck in the habit of just going to buy new, especially when things can be bought cheaply (home wares, clothing)

While all these are really important the biggest change we can make is how we raise the children around us…..it is them that will take over the responsibility to look after our earth.

We’re always teaching the kids about our planet, watching documentaries about plastic waste, etc and Ollie is genuinely disgusted when he sees litter!

We take part in beach cleans and always pick up litter on our walks.

I’d love to hear about simple changes others have made!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. teamworrall says:

    Love this!!! Cloth nappies and CSP make a huge difference to your rubbish bin too. Plus much prettier than disposables!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Green Mam says:

      Thank you! Yes definitely! I should have made more steps πŸ˜‚

      Liked by 1 person

      1. teamworrall says:

        7 is a weird number! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

        Liked by 1 person

      2. The Green Mam says:

        Yes I did have 6 steps but that looked wrong too! πŸ˜‚

        Liked by 1 person

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