Mindful Mama

I struggle with taking time for myself, doesn’t every mother?

I love being out in nature, that is how I revive myself.

A few moments in the garden after Arthur has gone to bed keeps me sane.

I will often end up collecting bits and pieces, beautiful coloured leaves, petals and pinecones to name a few!

I often enjoy creating natural mandalas out of these…

Over at Babipur there is a new hashtag trending #babipurmandala

My most favourite maker of wooden toys, Grapat have a full line of mandala pieces. You can only imagine how excited I was at this news!

Here are a few sets https://www.babipur.co.uk/catalogsearch/result/?q=Grapat+mandala

They are so beautiful. These are unashamedly toys for adults!

Every few days, or when I need a few moments to myself I often find myself with my basket of grapat.

To spend a few moments playing and creating, lost in the moment, does wonders for my sanity.

It’s is a very sensory experience too.

If you have already discovered grapat you will know how amazing they smell, the texture of each piece is different, the colours are subtle and bright at the same time.

This is my little slice of heaven right here…

There are so many creations you can make too!

I find myself lost in the moment making these, not thinking of much else other than where I am placing my next piece….

This indulges my love of wooden, natural toys and provides me with a very effective mindful practice, which I am very grateful for.

I love adding some of our other favourite toys to them too…this one is made using our Grimms elements.

Here is one I made when I only had my nins to hand….

I have also occasionally enjoyed making them with a Gin in hand….ultimate relaxation!

If you are on instagram go check them out, they are a feast for the eyes!

I would love to know what mindful practices you keep?

Thank you for reading 😊

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