My Top 1st Birthday Toys.

What are the best wooden toys for a 1st Birthday?

This is something I get asked a lot! Even more recently when my my sister asked for help choosing my Nephews Lenny’s 1st Birthday Presents…

With me being toy obsessed and all, she gave me full responsibly, and £80 to choose goodies for him!

So where to start! Obviously they would be beautiful, colourful, sturdy and also something appropriate for his age.

Of course they would be wooden, natural and eco friendly….

1. Seasonal Summer Nins

It was always going to be Grapat first, and it was always going to include Nins. LOL!

This beautiful seasonal set is perfect.

It includes 3 Nins, 3 Nins with top hats, aka Magos/ Wizards, 3 cups (mates) 9 rings and 9 coins.

These are natural, simplistic toys that can be used for so many things.

There is no upper age limit and they will be loved and played with for years in so many ways, as the child evolves.

They really are perfect for open ended play and will nurture the imagination.

The Nins and cups are perfect for this age.

They are the perfect size for little hands to practice putting objects into things. The coins are lovely for stacking, and are great tools for development of fine motor skills.

Most of all the Grapat is absolutely beautiful. There is nothing quite as lovely than receiving your first box of Grapat.

It is a full sensory experience. First the smell, from the natural wood stain used, then the touch and the colours are so lovely to look at, I am sure Lenny will also experience taste of Grapat too!

They are also a lovely way to acknowledge the changing seasons, and will be a useful resource for years to come.

2. Grimm’s Wankle Stacking Tower

What is a Wankle you may ask?

Well apart from having a brilliant name…it’s is a beautiful 11 piece stacker.

The pieces are a lovely chunky size to hold, a perfect toy for learning hand – to – eye coordination.

It’s is perfect for learning colours too.

Another lovely toy for open ended play….as I was setting this out to take some pictures, Arthur intervened and made some ‘tents’.

See below pic ❤️

All the Grimm’s toys are sustainably made and the wood varnish is completely natural and non toxic.

3. Grimm’s 6 Piece Rainbow

This is one of the most perfect toys for open ended play and for me is such a lovely First Birthday gift.

It can be a tunnel, a bridge, a house, the possibilities are endless and only limited by imagination.

They are also exceptionally beautiful, and for me I just love seeing them on display…gone are the days when toys make the home look cluttered and messy..never again with Grimm’s!

I have a lot of people asking me if they should buy this rainbow or the larger 12 piece….

Well firstly it depends on your budget, but I think for a 1 year old this is is a great size.

When you can see how much it is loved, the 12 piece is a wonderful 2nd or 3rd Birthday present.

I did get the 12 piece first, mostly because I wanted it! I also knew it would be a huge investment in play for years to come.

The rainbows are all cut from one piece of wood and the grain going through them is beautiful.

So there we have it…my ultimate First Birthday List.

It’s Lenny’s Birthday on Saturday so look out for some pictures on my Instagram of them in action.

I’d love to know your thoughts!

All the goodies can be purchased from Babipur

Thank you for reading! ❤️

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kelly says:

    I love all of the Grimm’s stuff! If I can only buy one thing for my one year old should it be the 6 piece rainbow or the Nins?! What do you think?


    1. Ooh that is a tough one, but I think I’d go with the Nins! It’s a fab box of loose parts, so great for that age!


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