My Top 2nd Birthday Toys.

This one is quite easy as Arthur turned 2 this year.

This is definitely the age when our little ones get more, well everything….More independence, imaginative and definitely more spirited!

If you haven’t already saw there is a blog post up for 1st Birthday Toys, which may be relevant too.

A couple of toys I’m not going to include here in my list, but we got for Arthur in between his 1st and 2nd birthday is the Wobbel board and a ride on.

Arthur especially loves his little bike and we live all on one floor so you can imagine the fun he has zooming around it!

Our is similar to this one

A climbing toy is also great for around this age, toddlers will love to practise their climbing skills.

Babipur have recently begun to sell this lovely climbing frame TriClimb

I think this would have been an amazing toy to have. It’s suitable from 9months.

If I was going to have more babies I’d get this for Arthur but I just don’t think we would get the use out of it.

Right onto my list.

I’m going to keep it as budget friendly as possible, and there options for each thing so you can keep it simple or go wild, LOL!

Personally we don’t spend too much on Birthdays, mainly because I do buy toys all year round ( I love them so much they are my treats too!)

1. Open-ended Stacking/ Building Toys.

I have left this first one a bit open. This is the age where imagination is flourishing, or slowly beginning too.

If you don’t already have one, this would be the perfect excuse, sorry, time, (lol) to buy the Grimm’s 12 piece rainbow.

This really is something that will get so much play from now onwards and for many years to come.

The Rainbow Semi Circles go perfectly with the rainbow, for lots of open ended play.

Images from Babipur

If you don’t already have some building blocks, around this age would be a great time to introduce them.

Arthur is currently obsessed with building huge towers!

Below is the Grimm’s Small Pyramid

This is great set, good sized blocks in beautiful colours.

I personally love the Grimm’s elements too.

They are budget friendly

They come in small and large too, we have the small ones (pictured above).

Here is the Earth Element

These are perfect for stacking and sorting into the correct order too and they are beautiful.

A lovely addition to a growing wooden toy collection.

I could go on for so long, listing toys for building etc, but these are a good start!

2.Wooden Animals.

I think around this age is when children start to learn and be interested in animals, if not before!

This is when I bought our first Holztiger and Ostheimer (be warned it’s a slippery slope!)

There’s a few options depending on your budget.

The most budget friendly is Lanka Kade.

Here the Farm animal set, it is just under £14.

Image from Babipur

I personally went for a mixture of Ostheimer and Holztiger.

There are more expensive, but as you can see I love these toys as much as Arthur!

Ostheimer also make a full range of fairytale figures , which I eventually want to collect, so it just makes sense for me to begin with these.

Babipur have recently begun to sell a new Brand Eric and Alberts Crafts

These are beautiful too.

This is the sea life collection we have from them (minus the seals).

Image from Eric and Alberts.

I started off with just 4 animals and made a little story sack.

Arthur’s favourite at the time was A Squash and a Squeeze…..

3. A Little house

A little house/ shelter of some kind is great for this age. Perfectly supports open ended, imaginative play.

It’s somewhere to keep the new animals too!

I bought this little house from Babipur….

Image from Babipur.

Unfortunately these are now discontinued at Babipur.

There is still lots of lovely choice though.

I think this Gluckskafer stable is beautiful.

Obviously is depends how much you want to spend and how much space you have.

Anything that is bought now will be played with for years to come.

Ours houses the animals, our Nins, so many things. Arthur likes to put his animals to bed too, I love checking the house after he has gone to bed to see what is hidden in there.

Finally I use birthdays/ Christmas ( or any other excuse I can find) to grow our Grapat collection.

I think the seasonal sets are a lovely gift to give and also are a brilliant way to bring a little awareness to the seasons.

This is the Summer and Autumn set together.

Arthur is 31 Months now and these toys listed are the most lived and played with. I am sure they will be for a long time to come too.

I just need to think what to get him for Christmas now!

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