Tot Bag Review

We had the pleasure of receiving our tot bag yesterday. We had planned a day in the woods, so it was perfect timing….

The tot bag is a box containing, crafts and seasonal activities. There is a subscription option also.

We have the one priced at 6.95 per month. (You get the first month free)

We had been offered a tot bag in exchange for an honest review…so here it is!

One thing I really loved was the packaging, not a bit of plastic in sight….It is completely environmentally friendly!

Upon opening there’s is a little booklet and some bags, Arthur was very excited to see what was inside.

The bags contain some materials to make the crafts in the booklet.

The crafts were a spiky hedgehog collage, a little hibernating hedgehog house and a tortoise den.

There was a little cotton bag included to collect all the natural materials. Arthur swiftly set about filling this!

Ollie went off to collect some moss for the hedgehog box…..

Armed with a bag of nature’s goodies the kids sat down to play!

Arthur really enjoyed the hedgehog collage and Ollie loved the little hibernating hedgehog, I was able to sit back and have a cup of tea while they crafted, and Ollie was explaining to Arthur why hedgehogs go to sleep….

Arthur was very proud of his hedgehog creation and Ollie loved the little hedgehog box…

We will be saving the other activity for later in the week.

I think it’s a really lovely box, and a great way to bring a focus to each week/month. They can be adapted for all ages really, although I would say ages 2-6 are perfect. Although I think they are aimed at 3+

Arthur loved crafting and collecting, as did Ollie.

Arthur is 2 and Oliver is 10, so any activity I find that can happily include them both is a huge win for me!

With Ollie it’s a great way to open up discussion to lead to further learning…. we home educate too, so this is a great addition to our learning resources.

All the activities are linked to the Early Years curriculum too.

So we were really pleased with our tot bag and look forward to making our tortoise den later in the week.

We had fun making these on the woods, we had a fire and marshmallows too!

These could also the perfect rainy day activities too, you would just need to collect you bag of natural treasures first…..

I overheard Ollie telling his friend later that day, that he played with a craft box thing (his words, lol,) in the woods and it was really fun!

So there your review right there, from a hard to please 10 year old boy! Haha!

There is a larger seasonal bag that looks fab too. It great if your busy and don’t have time to plan crafts, etc….

Here is the website of you want to have a look yourself!

I hope you found the review useful!

Thank you for reading,

Amy ❤️

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  1. Mags says:

    This looks fab!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was! Anything that keeps both kids happy is a win! X


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