Samhain Magic

I thought I’d share with you some simple activities to share with your children to celebrate Halloween/Samhain.

I absolutely love Halloween, I love the pumpkins, the crafts and especially the magic in the air.

Regardless of your beliefs, these are lovely little ways to bring a bit of meaning and magic to a somewhat commercialised celebration.

We do all the usual things, we have had so much fun visiting a pumpkin patch….

Obviously I wasn’t going to visit a pumpkin patch without our Grimms Rainbow…….

We will be carving pumpkins, and we will be dressing up and going to a Halloween party.

I usually do one at our house with us living in the perfect place for it….

You can imagine the fun I had decorating this place….

But it will be nice to have a rest from it this year and let someone else do all the work.

We will also be going to Whitby for the famous Goth Weekend. I love seeing all the crazy costumes….

Yes I LOVE halloween ♥️

I suppose a lot of us celebrate Halloween without really knowing why we are doing it.

I’ve said before, we aren’t religious and we don’t have specific beliefs. We celebrate nature and believe in the magic of the universe ❤️

Samhain means summers end. The final harvest. A time of clearing out the old and welcoming the new.

A time of letting go….just like the leaves falling from the trees.

As all the plants are dying, it is a good time to gently discuss birth, growth and death, to speak of family members that are no longer with us, to honour and acknowledge them.

Here are some ways we will be celebrating.

A Good Things Jar.

You will need…

A Jar

A piece of cloth (to cover jar)

Natural treasures such as pinecones, flowers, acorns, really anything that appeals to your child, you can go on a treasure hunt in the woods!

Paper and pencil.


The idea of this is to have fun collecting beautiful things. Sit with your child/children and discuss all the lovely things about them and all their achievements this year, however small and silly.

Watch them glow as you speak lovely things about them.

As you talk and write things down add them to the jar together.

Thank the universe for all the good it has brought and fasten your jar up.

This is something to keep, and remember it is filled with love and good things.

This can be adapted to lots of ages. With really young children like Arthur (2.5years) we will collect things, talk about autumn and the falling leaves, and this jar will be our treasures to keep for over winter, thanking the earth for the goodies.

Remember lost loved ones.

This can be a tough one with children, but this is a perfect time of year to acknowledge death. It is happening all around us.

We will be visiting my nana’s grave to say hello and leave a little offering.

You can bake something together to take.

These are our moon biscuits

This is very adaptable. You can simply speak of the dying plants and falling leaves and leave an offering to the earth to say thank you for the life it gives us.

You can make a little alter together to acknowledge our ancestors. For older kids you can look back at your family tree/ ancestor line.

Let go!

This is the perfect time of year to do a little letting go magic.

Again so adaptable for all ages.

A windy day is perfect for this, or somewhere outdoors where you can drop the leaves, a little bridge (Pooh Stick style) would be good….

Collect some leaves together until you both have a handful.

Take it in turns to say what you want to let go of and LET GO, throw the leaves away, be like the trees ♥️

With little ones, you can talk about fears, and throw them away!

This can feel very satisfying…

I could suggest lots of activities but I think these three capture what this time of year is about.

Whatever you do I hope you have a magical time!

If you follow me on Instagram I will no doubt be sharing our activities and I’d love to see yours ❤️

Thank you so much for reading

Amy ♥️

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  1. Highland Hygge Mama says:

    Love the ‘Good Things’ jar! Our wee one is only just 1, but will definitely start this with him next year!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s great to keep for years too and add to/ re read ❤️


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