The Shamans Path

My spirituality is not something I really speak of much in day to day life. I imagine I would come across as a crazy person(to the majority of people) if I did!

I feel a little scared opening up and sharing this, especially as most will follow this blog from Instagram,where my account is more about being a mum, and toys etc.

If I can incorporate a little magic with the toys, I’m happy, haha!

Spirituality is a huge part of my life and when it isn’t nurtured I easily become depressed.

I have neglected my spirituality massively since Arthur was born.

But it has also grew in other ways, with the way only a child can bring magic to your life. Amongst many other not so magical things!

Just to clarify what spirituality means (and doesn’t mean!) to me.

It is not religious in the slightest.

For me it is connecting with our Earth and the magic around us. I believe all we need is our mind and our hands to make our own magical existence in this world.

I seek guidance from Mother Earth and I work with the spirit realm. This can encompass so many things, elemental beings (fairies!), Spirit Guides, Animal Guides, Angels, crystals etc.

I do not worship anything but have utmost respect for the universe and all the inhabit (most anyway, there’s always someone isn’t there!)

There are many spiritual practices I like to incorporate into my life, meditation, yoga etc. I have always practiced Witchcraft, but I go through phases with this, a lot of the time spell work is just a focus tool or comforting for me. I have used Reiki Healing for about 10 years now also.

I have been drawn to Shamanism for a long time. I usually like to do and learn everything by myself but this time I felt I needed a guide. I looked at courses but they we’re so expensive. I attended a few sessions where a shamanic practitioner carried out a power retrieval for me (I’ll write another post for that, if there is interest)

This year, a few months ago, I was feeling the pull again….and thought really that I needed to take it into my own hands…also I was absolutely desperate for a break/retreat, just for me…it’s been a hard few years mentally for me, I had been neglecting my spiritual practice, I felt it was time.

I found a lovely retreat running at Lendrick Lodge, up in Scotland.

It is called the Shamans Path and is the first out of three retreats.

It’s booked and I can’t wait, although I feel a little scared too!

So on Sunday, I attended a shamanic drumming circle. We did a lot of journeying, journeying is the Shamans way of travelling through the worlds to seek knowledge and meet spirit/animal guides.

I had some amazing experiences where I connected with a spirit guide, met my powers animal to guide me on this journey and received some healing. I will write a separate blog for this to tell you all about it ( hopefully up very soon, while it’s all still fresh in my mind!)

I have also had a lot of other weird and wonderful spiritual experiences over the years that I will slowly share (again, if there is interest)

I am really writing about this so I can keep an account of my learning and experiences. If I put it out into the big wide world I may keep up with logging my experiences more. Also it would be amazing to connect with like minded people ❤️

Feel free to get in touch to ask anything/ chat ❤️

Thanks so much for reading

Amy ❤️

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  1. beckiejmx says:

    This has always fascinated me but i never bother to read up about it. I’m definitely going to now! Thanks for sharing and would love to hear more ♡

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    1. It is amazing stuff! I’m hoping to have the other blog ready about everything that happened in the workshop…it’s really fascinating! Thank you for reading ❤️


    2. Sabrina says:

      This is so refreshing to read. I have never come across someone with the exact take as me on spiritualism. So hard to explain to people who do not understand . Totally relate to being knocked of Balance since having children too. 🌻

      Love and light x

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      1. Thank you for your lovely words, it is hard to explain isn’t it…I still feel like I don’t make sense, thank you for reading ❤️


  2. Highland Hygge Mama says:

    This is such a lovely post. So much looking forward to reading more about your experiences! The retreat sounds amazing – hope you have a wonderful time there! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much ❤️🙏🏼☺️


  3. bubsiekins says:

    Hey gorgeous i follow you on instagram I love your spirtual as am I xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello! I just saw 😍 Your Art is amazing ❤️✨ xxx


  4. Hey, another Instagram follower here & also a reiki healer! I too seem to have cycles of connecting deeper, then stepping back. It just kind of happens naturally, but I’m finding the cycles are shorter & I’m spending longer connected each time. I’m sure connecting more often with likeminded souls has a lot to do with it. Really looking forward to reading more about your journey with it all 💫

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    1. Hello! ❤️
      Totally agree about connecting with like minded souls…something I don’t do much of really, but when I do what a difference!
      It’s lovely that you are a reiki healer too! That’s something I do neglect and forget about too 🙈 I’m trying to use it more and more ❤️

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  5. jodie braithwaite says:

    I follow you on Instagram too and really enjoy seeing your posts. I also have a deep connection with nature and Mother Earth. I, too feel I’ve neglected my spirituality since becoming a mum. Which is sad because when i was pregnant i never felt more connected. Although many would see me as Pagan or Wicca, I’m very careful not to label myself as it’s not as simple as one thing. Loved reading this and your other posts. Look forward to more ‘witchy’ posts!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! Yes it is sad isn’t it,it definitely takes a conscious effort. Yes many would see me as pagan/ Wiccan but I don’t, I find it hard to put my beliefs/ spirituality to a certain label. I don’t think it’s possible…Thank you for reading! ❤️ 💫


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