The Shamanic Journey

As promised I thought I would do a little write up of my day at a Shamanic Workshop.

Since my last blog post I have discovered there is so many of you interested in shamanism.

It can feel quite daunting going into a workshop like this if you don’t know what to expect so hopefully this may help someone and encourage them to take the steps themselves. I hope it will be interesting, and if anything I’m sure you will have a little laugh.

The workshop was ran by a friend of mine at a beautiful little alpaca farm.

My intentions for the workshop was to really just warm myself up a little for my retreat in January ( The Shamans Path)

The day was going to consist of drumming and journeying.

Shamanic Journeying is a simple ancient practice of meditating to find answers. It is a process of the spirit leaving the body to walk in worlds that exist in non-ordinary reality.

Journeying is accompanied by drumming/ rattles. The drumming helps us to enter a trance like state/ deep relaxation.

There is three worlds in shamanism.

There is the lower worlds, where our spirit/ power animals live. The upper worlds, where our spiritual teacher/guides live and The Middle Worlds, where we live alongside the trees, birds, stars, sun and moon.

The first journey we do is to create a sacred space. Your sacred space is somewhere in nature that is special to you that you have physically walked upon.

I have a space in the woods where we live, we’re I go to meditate, this was the perfect space for me. It was easy to travel to in my minds eye. You imagine your space in a beautiful protective light. This space is where all journeys begin.

The second journey was to The Lower Worlds.

Here is where I would meet my Spirit Animal to guide me on my Shamanic Journey.

The drumming began and off I went.

It began in my scared space.

Now depending how familiar you are with things like this, it can feel a little weird. Everything is happening in your minds eye. For a lot of years I didn’t trust in this. It’s easy to think you are making it up. When your guides speak to you, it’s not in an unfamiliar voice. It is usually your own inner knowing.

Even beginning this journey I can feel my rational mind saying I’m making this up. I started thinking of all the typical powerful animals I loved, wolves, bears etc. This is where you need to relax and focus on nothing else but the drums beat.

That is what the drums are there for, to give your overactive mind something to focus on while your soul/spirit travels.

I did this…..

There was a rabbit hole in my scared space that opens up, I looked down and there was a ladder. I climbed down and waited. My mind began to conjure up a million animal images. I focused on the drum beat, and then there was my animal.

An Emu! My first though was well your a bit weird, haha! The emu didn’t communicate with me but I felt it had a lot to teach me. It sauntered off, yes you read that right, it had attitude. My Shamanic guide gave me a knowing smile and told me to read about the Emu when I got home.

I did and it was absolutely fascinating. First thing I read was the Emu is an excellent guide for those interested in Shamanic pursuits. Perfect!!

When the Emu appears it’s time for hard work. It doesn’t permit laziness and the energy is not relaxing and soothing. Well I’m in for a treat aren’t I?!

My personal Spirit Animal I have worked with for a long time is my Jaguar. She is fierce and stands by me when I need extra protection and encouragement.

We had a break for lunch. It was early November so the mince pies and tea where in full flow, because we are British, haha!

The second journey was to the Upper Worlds.

Here I would meet my Spirit Guide. This is a guide that will have been with me for a long time.

I laid down, closed my eyes and was taken away by the drums once again.

I was lifted up into space. A vast blackness. Until I was in front of an ice pyramid. Now this is how I know I’m being shown this and not making it up….an Ice pyramid just wouldn’t appeal to me.

What I experienced next brought me so much peace and comfort.

There was a woman standing in front of me. A tall beautiful woman, with long blonde hair, plaited to the side, wearing a long blue dress.

My first thought was ‘why does my spirt guide look like Elsa from frozen!’ Haha!

She laughed and it clicked into place for me. I know I have had a spirt guide for many years. This is how I pictured her, tall, beautiful and long blonde hair and I had a feeling she was called Annalise (but I always thought I was making it up in my mind) I knew this lady was Annalise.

I asked if she had a message for me.

‘Of course’ she answered. ‘I have already told you.’

It flashed in my mind then. A few weeks ago I was in a charity shop when a cup caught my eye. It was a tall blue Disney cup, with Elsa on it and the message ‘let it go’.

I was blown away for a second. I am not into Disney. I’m just not a fan. I love some of the movies but I wouldn’t spend money in the Disney shop….The cup was brand new, but was only £1. I love a bargain and something compelled me to buy it. It all clicked into place.

The message made so much sense to me. Let it Go.

She smiled as it all clicked into place for me, and I was back.

We discussed each other’s experiences and we held a little healing drum circle and that was that.

I came home and something else occurred to me. Frozen is set in Norway and Annalise is a danish name.

I realised these are the two countries I had placed on my vision board many months ago. (I didn’t realise I had put Copenhagen and Oslo on my board, I had just cut out these places as they looked pretty)

It was a bit crazy….especially as I haven’t shut up about visiting these two places all year (not knowing these were the places on my board)

Anyhow we have booked to visit Copenhagen next year and I’m looking at Norway too!

I’m sure all these things could be put down to coincidence…but to me coincidences are magic.

One of my favourite words ever is Serendipity- the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. When things like this happen to me it’s a nudge from the universe telling me I’m on the right track.

I hope this has made sense. It’s most definitely a bit rambling. I find it so hard to write about these things clearly. I have lots more to share,but that’s it for now.

I’d love you know your thoughts.

I am looking forward to my Shamanic Retreat on January but in honesty I’m probably more scared! Wish me luck!

Thanks so much for reading

Amy 🖤

11 Comments Add yours

  1. Mags says:

    This sounds amazing! What a wonderful experience. I also love the word Serendipity – there is something so magical about it.

    I’m going to look up Shamanic retreats in my area, as it sounds like something I could really connect with.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reading ❤️ Yes I have wanted to go to one for so long. I’m excited but more nervous. It been a while I have done something all alone for the full weekend 😬The one I’m going to is Lendrick lodge near Loch Lomond x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Mags says:

        Oooh, that’s only about an hour/hour and a half away from me!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I though you were in Scotland! So close, there is a website.
        There is lots of other things going on there too x


      3. Mags says:

        I’ll have a look, thanks!


  2. beckiejmx says:

    Oh I love this! I find “coincidences” happen to me all the time and feel there is so much more to them ♡

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Most definitely! I am sad if there is no coincidences ❤️✨


  3. Claire says:

    Incredible to read this Amy and I love hearing your voice and wonders about it all… everything is so sparkly magic yet also so “ordinary” when you’re walking your path. Thankyou for writing – I feel very inspired.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for reading and your lovely words…it’s encouraging…it still feel weird and scary to share, thank you ❤️


  4. Highland Hygge Mama says:

    I don’t know much about shamanic journeying but it sounds fascinating & the emu is very intersting! Herons are my sign from the universe, when I see a heron I always take it as a sign things are going to be fine! Will definitely read more about the journeying – sounds like something I’d love to try! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was definitely taken aback by the Emu! Yes definitely read about it, it is so fascinating…love receiving signs from the universe ✨thank you for reading! ❤️🙏🏼


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