Arthur’s Christmas List.

I thought I would write a little blog to show you what we have bought Arthur this year for Christmas.

He will be three in two months time and I think these gifts are very age appropriate.

1. A Kitchen.

Arthur’s main present is a wooden kitchen. He has been playing with a basket full of wooden/fabric food for some time now, chopping them and preparing food for us. After finding a wooden plate with play food on in our actual oven, that got me thinking he may like a kitchen.

Now it was hard choosing one, I didn’t want to spend a fortune, but the ones I really would have liked for our playroom were £200. That just wasn’t going to happen. I try to shop as ethically and sustainably as possible so when this one popped up on eBay second hand, but very nearly new, for £30, I snapped it up.

It’s still in the box at the moment…I really need to get it built.

2. Food and Accessories

We already have lots of fabric play food but I decided to get Arthur just a few little pieces of Ezri Play Food

A few wooden veggies and some bread slices to make sandwiches etc.

We also have bought a couple of Plan Toys sets for his kitchen. I love plan toys. The use completely sustainable materials and are one of the most eco friendly and ethical toys companies.

We went for the Bakery Set I know this will be one of Arthur’s favourites. It is incredibly cute.

We also bought the Tableware Set which will be perfect for use with his kitchen.

3. Grimm’s Wooden Toys.

Now I can’t let Christmas pass us by without adding to the Grimm’s collection.

I was undecided what would be best for Arthur. We went for some building basics.

The Grimm’s 36 Cubes and the Grimm’s Building Boards

These will go great with his other toys I think. He loves making houses and farms so these will be perfect.

His 3rd Birthday isn’t too far away so if these are loved and get lots of play I’ll get him a more complex building set then.

3. Animalium

I chose this beautiful book for him. He loves playing with his wooden animals so I though this would be lovely for him to match his animals too. We already have the animals in the picture and have just bought him a few he didn’t have to add to his collection.

I have chose Holztiger ones for him.

I usually buy Ostheimer for the fairy tale collections (let’s face it, they are for me! Haha)

4. Maileg.

I adore Maileg mice so much. I collected a few from when Ollie was little but Arthur loves them too now.

We bought him big brother mouse to add to the collection.

5. Plan Toys Vet Set

This was a total last minute buy….. I found Arthur in the play room with all his cuddly toys lined up with bandages on them (cutest thing ever!) What can I say, I’m weak and it gave me an excuse to buy this beautiful set. I know he will get so much play out of it.

I even had a little play before wrapping!

5. Grapat.

We also have this beautiful set of Grapat Tomten Nins

As you probably already know I love everything about Grapat. These will make a lovely addition to our collection. I love that they will look beautiful under the tree just as they are.

I think these will get lots of play for many years to come, I hope so anyway!

Oh and one final one….a new Jellycat cuddly toy. The cutest little lion.

We love Jellycat!

Oliver’s list is a lot less exciting than this, it goes something like….x- box games, gaming books, gaming something else, haha. At the top of his list though is a Jellycat panda (last year he asked for Odell Octopus)

Arthur is our last baby and I want to make the most of these years when I can buy beautiful wooden toys.

Well I’m off to finish the present wrapping…..

Thank you for reading ❤️

Amy ❤️

(Images my own or stock pictures from Babipur)

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  1. rita kowats says:

    Amy, what sheer joy it is to feast on your post! If I could, I would come across the pond to play with Arthur’s toys.

    Thank you for visiting and following Spirituality Without Borders. I appreciate your presence there.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello! Thank you for your lovely words, it is a pleasure to follow your blog ❤️


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