Shamanic Retreat

I had planned to have have this post on much sooner, but truth be told I have struggled to find the words….

I was going to be attending The Shamans Path at Lendrick Lodge. It is described as a weekend of ancient rituals and ecstatic transformation……

I was full of trepidation going into this, as you can see by my previous post

As I lay in bed the evening before I was worried. I meditated. In my meditation I sought out my spirit guide to seek some words of reassurance. I got absolutely nothing. That never happens, but it did this particular evening and it just worried me more!

Now this is crazy, but whenever I leave the kids and Dan behind, or if Dan and I are away from the kids I worry that I will die. I know this is absolutely crazy….but the fear is there. I’m just putting this out there so you can maybe glimpse the mood I was in…..

Perfect example of monkey mind and letting fear get the better of me.

I set off the next day, armed with just my own bag, full of my retreat goodies. I was feeling excited now!

The roads were empty, Jack Johnson was playing, I finally relaxed. It was a four hour drive up to the Trossachs in Scotland and I loved every second of the drive….The closer I got, the sky got darker, the trees became taller, the forests denser. It was beautiful.

It was a long winding road up to Lendrick Lodge, I finally arrived around 4pm just as darkness was creeping in. It started to snow! It looked magical. The area the lodge was set is beautiful.

Lendrick Lodge rests on ancient Celtic land and the area has a mystical feel to it.

I could see the woodland all around it, fairy lights twinkling from within. I couldn’t wait to explore.

I was shown to my room and I must admit my heart sank a little. I didn’t have a kettle to make my own tea. I actually felt like crying.

I will be honest, I did cry. Big fat ugly tears. I don’t think it was about the tea though (okay, maybe just a little) I just felt overwhelmed. I really cried. It was a massive release. I honestly hadn’t cried like that in years. I think it was something to do with the energy there. A cleansing energy. Maybe this was the beginning. Whatever it was I needed it and embraced it. I really felt my inner child there in that moment….but she wasn’t made to be quiet and stop crying.

Now back to the tea….as you know I am a huge introvert and I am also a massive tea drinker. I would have to go and use the communal tea room.

Now the word communal usually strikes fear into my soul, ha!

I rang Dan, my husband and told him in somber tones about my lack of tea making facilities and he thought I was hilarious….

The retreat was going to push me in more ways than I imagined!

Also I had to walk outside into a separate building to use a bathroom, but we have stayed in many places where I have only had the luxury of a bush so never mind….

The room was tiny and the walls exceptionally thin. There was a lady on one side who kept coughing, making a sound very similar to a strangled terrier. Not as Zen as I had hoped, thank god for headphones!

I was told dinner (of course, communal) would be served at 7pm then I would find it obvious where to go because of the music…intriguing.

We ate our food (vegan and delicious) around a large table and it wasn’t as bad as I thought, ha!

They were 25 people on the course and they had travelled far and wide and were from all walks of life. A lady had travelled all the way from Toronto, Canada for the weekend.

At 8pm the sound of drums drifted from the Sundoor room…..

I entered the main room. It was a lovely space. We sat in a huge circle, each with our own meditation chair.

The workshop began with a very inspiring talk about Shamanism and it’s roots, and the healing we can take into the world with it.

Here our journeys would begin.

I speak a little about my previous journeys in this post if you would like a better understanding before reading on….

This particular workshop, upon completion, would allow me to work with people to retrieve their lost power.

I’ll explain a little about Power Retrieval before I go ahead. Power loss is when our power is taken away. Power loss can happen in many different ways over the course of our lifetime, some in small ways, some in major ways. Whichever way it is traumatic to our soul.

There are many situations our personal power can be taken away. It can be traumatic cases of abuse and bullying or it can be spending a lifetime not speaking up for ourselves.

Personal Power is the aspect of our energy that allows us to take action. If someone has suffered power loss they may have difficulty making things happen, making decisions and following through with things and standing up for themselves.

Power retrieval is a Shamanic healing technique for reclaiming our personal power. With the help of my spiritual guides I would be led to the place the power loss occurred to reclaim it. I would be learning how to do this for others too.

This is all achieved through the power of journeying.

This is where I struggle with finding my words. The journeys are deeply personal and each and everyone’s journeys is unique to them. I’m not going to go into too much detail.

I will give you the general outline of each journey.

The first journey was a journey to meet my power animal. I have done this one many times. I was open to whatever would come for me, but there she was, my beautiful black Panther. I have worked with the Panther for many years and was happy to see her. She brings me power whilst also giving me a sense of protection.

The next Journey was one to meet a spirit guide in the Upper Worlds. I spoke about me previous experience with this here

An entirely different guide came through to me this time. It was Mother Mary. I am not religious at all, this is always a surprise to me.

Mary has came through in the past to me. She brings nurturing and motherly love. She has such a beautiful energy.

The next journey is one of Initiation/ healing. I was to go into the lower worlds and offer up anything I wanted to heal and let go off. This is an amazingly powerful journey and one of my favourites to use whenever I feel the need.

This can also be one of the most traumatic journeys. It can bring up issues that may have been buried subconsciously for a long time. With the right environment, they can be healed.

Finally, working with a partner (I wasn’t getting away with that was I?!) we were to journey for each other to retrieve one another’s power. This was mind-blowing. In order to protect the other person I won’t go into detail, but the information I was able to gain for her was amazing. During my journey for her, I ventured into the lower worlds.

I was to seek out where her power was being held and bring it back, which I did. Her journey for me was also fascinating and powerful.

There was lots of drumming and dancing in between workshops and the energy there was something I can’t quite describe.

Any chance I got, I spent outside on nature. ALONE!!

I found the most beautiful spot beside Loch Venachar. I spent the evening alone in my room reading and meditating. It was bliss.

It brought home to me how desperately I need more time to do this. As a mother it is so so hard to find the space to just BE! I know now that I need to make it a priority. We have decided that Dan will take the kids to say at his parents once a month to give me that time.

Coming back I felt revived. I had so much creative energy. Truth be told I haven’t had time to write this up before now as I have been so busy with my crafts.

I had so much inspiration.

As much as I loved the Workshop, group retreats really aren’t my thing. Did you guess? Ha! Going forward I will be walking this path alone, seeking help when needed.

I have studied a few different healing modalities in the past.

I have completed my Reiki and achieved my Reiki Masters, which allows me to teach it. I’m not thinking of doing that anytime soon, but I think of these things as little tools to add to my box of tricks. If I can bring some healing to our world, in whatever shape or form, no matter how small, that can only be a good thing, right?

As a beginner this course is a fantastic place to start. As shamans worked in large families and tribes I can see how group work is beneficial. Shamanic healing techniques are available to all. There are so many amazing books out there and I have found an amazing audio book I am really enjoying working with.

I will include these at the bottom, I am in no way promoting these, they are just what I have found useful.

Thank you so much for reading,

If you have any questions, please do ask.

Amy πŸ’«

I am looking to develop my Shamanic healing and I have some case studies to carry out. I would like to do some of these via distance healing. It would involve me preforming a power retrieval. If this is something you may be interested in please contact me via Instagram or email, using the contact button.

Recommend Books.

Shamanic Journeying

Walking in the Light

The Way of the Shaman

Soul Retrieval

All images my own or from Google

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  1. teamworrall says:

    Such a lovely post, glad you got something from your adventure. It sounds so magical. I’d love to find a bit of time myself for something like this. Shameless me time πŸ’š

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks lovely! It was amazing! Honestly after the car ride there, alone for 4 hours, that was enough to revive me πŸ˜‚

      Liked by 1 person

  2. beckiejmx says:

    Wow this sounds like an amazing experience. I need to read about all this as im totally fascinated!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Highland Hygge Mama says:

    Sounds amazing! Fascinating read – thank you for writing about it. Totally understand all the fears you described! πŸ™ˆ Looking forward to hearing more about this as you continue (well done for managing the group retreat part, completely understand that you want to carry on by yourself!) ❀️ xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for reading ❀️❀️❀️


  4. cnewts says:

    I’ve been meaning to read this for a few days – beautiful to hear you share your journey and your magick and of course we are always up for distance work although maybe you could come see us in Northumberland – it’s not too far and there’s lots of nature for re-wilding and the kettle is always on. x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I absolutely love northumberland a visit would be so lovely 😊
      Thank you for reading xxx

      Liked by 1 person

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