Eco•co•box Review

I’m just popping on here to share with you a little review of a lovely Eco subscription box I received in March.

Emma, founder of Ecocobox very kindly sent me a box to try and to help spread the word as the box was launched and to offer an honest review of the box.

Here is what Emma has to say about Eccobox.

I recognised that becoming a mum changes you – body, mind, life – and it puts you into a new phase which is completely different to anything you have experienced before. I wanted to create something that was

  • •Genuinely helping mums
  • •Creating joy
  • •Doing something good in the world
  • Ecocobox was born, along with our motto, Body, Mind, Life

    You can read more about Emma’s story here

    I love the idea that it helps people discover new, eco and ethical brands, that they otherwise wouldn’t know about or not be able to afford as a single item.

    It was a lovely surprise to receive a box of goodies in the post.

    The box was plastic free and looked lovely.

    When you subscribe to the box, it is tailored to yourself and your child, age, if you are pregnant, postpartum etc.

    I was pleasantly surprised by the contents.

    It included;

    Bao Skin Care Recovery Face Cream

    King Monty Hazelnut Crunch

    Tisserand Lavendar and Chamomile Bath Oil

    From Earth to Earth Bamboo Toothbrushes

    Child’s Farm Moisturiser

    It’s been over a month of using the products now and I have to say, it was worth it just for the discovery of Bao Skincare. I have never ever stuck to a particular face cream but this blew me away. It is amazing! I am 100% sold on this forever and I just want to try the whole range now. It comes in a glass jar is is handmade from natural ingredients, in the UK. This cream made such a difference to my skin. Keep reading as I have a fantastic offer for this a little further on…

    Chocolate, there’s not much else to say about that, chocolate will always be a winner for me! It was vegan and absolutely delicious, it didn’t last long.

    The bath oil was a really lovely treat. I definitely wouldn’t have bought this for myself, but what a delight to have it. I have really appreciated it and it has made a difference having this in my bath, a little helping of self care – I felt this totally captured what the box was about, that extra care to mums who just don’t treat themselves.

    The toothbrushes were really useful, we know decent bamboo toothbrushes can be expensive so it was a great idea to include these in the box. Arthur loved that we were matching!

    Finally the Child’s Farm moisturiser. On first impressions, this was the only thing I wasn’t 100% pleased about, with it being in a plastic bottle. After passing feedback on to Emma, she explained that it was a stepping stone to introduce new mums to more natural items, less chemicals etc. Child’s farm is a lovely moisturiser, so I did see her point. After posting this on Instagram, lots of mums got in touch to say how sturdy the pump is on these bottles making them perfect for reusing, filling up with soap etc, so that’s was good. When we have used it all up I will refill it at the zero waste shop.

    A subscription to the box is £30 every 2 months. For the products that I received, it’s definitely worth it, especially as most of the products (apart from the chocolate, which lasted all of five minutes) are still going now, nearly 2 months later.

    I have a fantastic offer for you, using the code ENCHANTEDBAO5 will give you £5 off your box and a FREE jar of Bao Recovery face cream. This is sooo worth it just for the cream (rrp is £23!!) and this months box looks amazing!

    Here is a little sneak peek, boxes do vary depending on preferences.

    The boxes contain a minimum of 5 items, at least 4 are full size.

    You can find Ecocobox here on Instagram.

    I can’t wait for my next box!

    Thanks so much for reading,

    Amy 💚

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    1. Highland Hygge Mama says:

      I have been looking for a new face cream! Really want to try this one now! 💚

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I am not one for staying loyal to products, I hardly use anything, and I’m slightly annoyed that this is soo good, because now I have to buy it 😂🙈


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