The Happi Empire Giveaway

I am popping on here to let you know I have an awesome giveaway running on Instagram at the moment.

I love discovering new small businesses to share on this small space of mine, especially ones that spread a little magic and make the world a better place.

I have a little collaboration going on with Fran from The Happi Empire.

If you haven’t heard of The Happi Empire head over and have a look, you won’t be disappointed, here is a little about The Happi Empire.

The Happi Empire’s purpose is to translate deep spiritual wisdom into practical daily habits, helping you to undo negativity in your mind and remember who you are.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could undo all the layers of crap & return to who we really are?

Philosophies of the Empire

Happiness does not rely on your outer circumstances.

Happiness is a reflection of how peaceful your mind is.

If you have a happy mind, you will have a happy life, whatever situation you find yourself in.

I discovered Fran and The Happi Empire a little while ago, and I am currently working my way through The Gratitude Journal

It’s such a fantastic tool at the end of a busy day to help you get into that happy place. The happy place where you can look back upon your day with gratitude, feeling blessed, ready for a new day tomorrow. I struggle to keep a gratitude journal, but I know how beneficial it can be, for putting myself in the right mindset for attracting more magic and blessings into my life. This book makes it so easy with prompts and different sections, depending on you mood/energy.

If you head over to Instagram I have a giveaway beginning this evening, I have one of these amazing journals to giveaway!

This is such a fantastic little tool to add into your self care routine.

You can find more goodies from The Happi Empire here.

Thank you so much for reading, and if you are entering, the very best of luck!

Amy 💗

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