Bumpkin Tumblepants

I was very kindly sent a pair of Bumpkin Tumblepants to review. I’ll give you a spoiler, we absolutely love them!

A little about Bumpkin Tumblepants;

Bumpkin Tumblepants are a team of talented Mums, based in the Sussex countryside, creating warm, colourful, and hard-wearing clothes and accessories for children from pre-loved, soft, 100% wool jumpers.

Clothes for rolling down hills, exploring the forest, and playing in the garden. Designed to keep children warm and free in the rough and tumble of a healthy outdoor life – all year round

Our Values

Firstly, we hate waste. We want to use old, good quality wool jumpers and give them a whole new lease of life. 

Once a child has grown out of their Tumblepants, we hope they will be handed on, darned or patched as needed, and worn over and over.

We also use our wool scraps to make patchwork blankets.

They are absolutely perfect for out lifestyle, where we spend as much time, exploring the outdoors, as possible.

We chose a lovely forest green colour. These are made from recycled wool jumpers, which is amazing! Sustainable clothing is always a win. As they are made from wool, they are great for regulating body temperature, meaning Arthur wasn’t too hot, or too cold. Perfect for adventures at the beach and the forest.

Arthur fully tested these out and they got very dirty! They wash very well (hand wash only).

The fit is perfect, nice and roomy for layering up on chillier days and great if you have a little one in cloth nappies.

Sizes start from 6 months. These are so perfect for crawlers too, especially outdoors. They go up to 5 years. These are also other lovely items such as recycled baby blankets and socks. What a fantastic little business to support.

You can find them on Instagram here

Thank you for reading! Go and head over to this fantastic little business and show them some love!

Amy πŸ’š

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